Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Here we go!!

Greetings from Waterworld -

After many conversations with my in-house marketing gurus, I've been convinced to start a blog. Here she blows. So, in this blog, I'll occasionally pontificate on various issues that are: 1) about water, 2) timely and 3) potentially interesting. My opinions.

Generally speaking, I think most people understand very little about water, and more specifically, the water they drink. As water issues have recently become more topical, it's kinda disappointing to me how those issues get reported upon in the press. Like just about everything else we read or watch, there are a lot of questionable conclusions. Everyone has their own angle - or at least an angle that they think is newsworthy - facts be damned.

Well, my job is to separate the wheat from the chaff, and believe me, there's a whole lotta chaff.

My credentials? Got a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Duke - on the way I did time in both the pre-med and biomedical engineering programs. Worked on offshore oil rigs for Schlumberger for a couple years. Harvard Business School. CFO for a small oil exploration company. A little investment banking. A lot of energy consulting work and investment banking work for independent power producers and cogeneration companies. Lots of equipment specification work.

I love water. Started DrinkMore Water in 1993 with one retail water store. Designed and installed virtually every piece of purification and bottling equipment in our facility. DrinkMore Water now manufactures and distributes water throughout the Washington/Baltimore greater metro areas. We have about 10,000 customers - homes and businesses alike. Our product is purified water. I think it is the best water on the market today - bar none - and believe me, I'll be telling you why I think that.

Feel free to post your comments.


Anonymous said...

i'm happy to see you've moved from polluting the environment with your previous petroleum-related jobs to providing us some nice tasty, clean water to drink.
i've been a customer for over a decade, intermittently; still have an unfinished blue punchcard in my wallet from many years ago.
now i buy your water for my store.
am real happy with it's quality, and your people on the phone were exceptionally nice to deal with; delivery's right on time, too.
keep up the good work!
rockville speed and custom
1334 east gude drive

Lisa Cote said...

DrinkMore water is the best water I've ever tasted and I am a water connoisseur! I've tasted many different sources & brands of water and DrinkMore is the most delicious and refreshing I've tasted. I drink about 64 fl.oz. of water each day. I feel better when I'm hydrated. The more water you drink the less you crave other drinks like soda and sugary drinks. In addition to the superior taste of DrinkMore water, it's texture is the pièce de résistance! Keep drinking water and let your bodies cells swim in the pool of life.

Thanks for Reading!